A powerful, light-weight visualization & project management tool

Powerful Visualization

Digital Project Manager provides light-weight yet powerful visualization, navigation, measurement, building information management, 4D simulation, and collaboration.

Product Overview

Digital Project Manager is a light-weight, easy-to-use review and information management interface for project managers, estimators, and construction personnel. Manager supports full project attribute editing, and provides essential tools for accessing a project database and performing quality control checks, such as clash detection. Extract critical information from a project database while working in the field with Digital Project Manager.

Parametric 3D surface and solids modeling, free-style surface modeling (NURBS), and geometric modeling from wireframe and surface modeling through feature-based solid geometry.

Key Benefits

  • Easy and secure access to accurate and comprehensive project information
  • Light-weight viewer with advanced features for building visualization, navigation, and measurements
  • Essential tools for quality control checks, such as clash detection

Professional Viewing

Designer provides attribute modeling, so rich construction information can be applied to project geometry.


Measure object dimensions, relative dimensions, and quantity takeoffs. Access volume, area, length, and coordinate measurements.


Project team collaboration through 2D and 3D annotations, hyperlinks and animation, and publishing to HTML. Supports a large number of 2D and 3D formats. 3D master model construction coordination and issue management processes, such as RFIs.