Design Optimization

Complex architectural designs frequently suffer from cost escalation, delays or quality problems. GT design optimization services offer owners, architects and fabricators with solutions for the improved management of complex geometric and material challenges.

Featuring the integration of advanced 3D BIM software with mathematical techniques for optimization and computer automation, GT solutions allow design teams to evaluate hundreds of millions of alternatives for complex systems, ensuring designs are comprehensively understood, analyzed and documented prior to fabrication.

What we do

GT works with designers and fabricators to integrate design intent and fabrication constraints into large-scale parametric 3D computer models. Computer models are used for mathematical optimization routines featuring stochastic algorithms that may be applied to a component, assembly, project or across multiple projects. Specialties include:

  • Complex surface panelization
  • Automated fabrication detailing and material waste reduction
  • Construction time simulation & optimization


GT’s award winning optimization practice helps project teams better manage complex designs and accelerate engineering processes. By utilizing parametric modeling, mathematics and computer automation to solve problems faster, GT help project teams to:

  • Improve design quality and performance
  • Allow for a higher level of detail through numerous design iterations
  • Reduce labor hours needed to produce detailed production information
  • Automate manual design processes
  • Deliver world class BIM & optimization expertise globally
  • Reduce client hiring needs through staff augmentation
  • Reduce risk and delays associated with in-house implementation

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