Issue Management

What we do

Cross team coordination is one of the highest value uses of BIM, but managing information and QA processes across project teams remains a challenge. We offer comprehensive technology and process strategies to streamline model revisioning, issue tracking and resolution, combined with root cause analysis and process improvement.

How we do it

Our approach to issue management includes data standards and process definition services, integrated with file and task management technologies. GTeam allows project teams to easily manage versioning, issue detection through clash management, and task management directly through the web interface or in combination with Navisworks or project management software. GTeam allows coordination work to be done directly on native models without labor intensive and error prone translation work. We can offer issue management services to coordinate across teams, and high fidelity modeling services when needed.

How we help

Identifying coordination issues as early as possible helps projects run smoothly, and enhances coordination with trades. Better coordination can:

  • Accommodate better crew productivity rates and flow
  • Identify constructability issues early reducing costly RFIs and change orders during construction
  • Foster better and more frequent collaboration among project team members to actively resolve costly issues
  • Improve control over the outcome of the project by reducing expensive delays and rework
  • Save a project hundreds of thousands of dollars and hours of rework in the field

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