Parametric Design


Parametric modeling is central to today’s knowledge driven BIM strategies. Efficient BIM processes require not just technical competency in parametric modeling software, but also skills in data organization, knowledge capture, and rule driven design. We’ve been a leader in the application of parametrics to diverse problems across the spectrum of building, from conceptual modeling and urban simulation to mass customized detailed design and fabrication support. We’ve developed Digital Project – the most advanced parametric BIM system in the market, and offer strategic consulting to support the use of Digital Project and CATIA, as well as Grasshopper and Revit customization. We can bring the most efficient and powerful parametric strategies to drive large scale efficiencies in your design, engineering and fabrication work.

How we do it

  • Work with your experts to turn their knowledge into libraries of intelligent components
  • Develop overall systems for automating design, detailing, analysis and production
  • Transfer knowledge back to your organization through training and system turnover

How we help

We can help you dramatically accelerate the modeling work you do, resulting in:

  • Reduced production costs and higher profitability
  • More time available for design instead of production
  • Re-use of project based innovation on new projects
  • Higher quality design information at lower cost
  • Accelerated resolution of complex problems

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